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CFB Boilers innovative steam, electric and hot water boilers are built to meet the constant demands of the agricultural industry. Ensuring the most energy efficient steam system is installed; can guarantee that the benefits are rewarded in increased energy efficiencies and lower running fuel costs.

Whether it’s a dairy farm, pig farm, cattle and livestock farm, mushroom farm; animal feed to olive oil; steam will aid within the production of agriculture; streamlining the manufacturing processes, from initial start up to continuous operation.

With constant demand for manufacturing gathering pace, and most farms running 24 hours to increase productivity; the choice for unmanned operation with BG01 level controls; can give peace of mind, knowing that the steam system can run continuously, efficiently and most importantly safely without the need for a trained operative to be on standby.

What we did for ABP Beef

ABP Beef are a beef processing farm that have acquired one of our Ross 60 electric boilers. It is used for the cleaning and sterilisation of the industrial equipment. The choice to purchase an electric boiler for many companies such as remote farms are mostly due to having no fossil fuel supply. However in recent years they are becoming more popular due to being able to reduce ones carbon footprint which is also an ever increasing factor.

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