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Water Service Module
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Water Service Module

The module supplies steam boilers with degassed and chemically conditioned feed water and disposes of the desalting and waste water. The WSM-V water service module for full deaeration is suitable for all steam boilers with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 100,000 kg/h, the WSM-T module is used for partial deaeration for steam boilers with capacities of up to 8,000 kg/h. This module consists of the steam-heated feed water tank, the chemical dosing system, the blow-down and expansion tank, a water sample cooler and the associated fittings as well as it’s own control panel. Additional components such as a heat recovery facility for alkalis or a second chemical dosing or feed pump module are optionally available. The WSM-V has a spray or trickle/cascade deaeration device mounted on the feed water tank.


Combined Condensate & Blowdown Tank

The Combined Feed & Condense Return Tank is made from stainless steel and is designed in a vertical form to fit on top of the blowdown vessel, thereby saving floor space. The condensate return section is sealed below the feed water make up section by a division plate, thereby warming the incoming feed water make-up. A vent from the condensate return section to the upper feed water section is designed to vent off condensable gases. Connections for the tank drain, boiler feed pump, twin condensate returns, overflow, compliant water inlet, temperature gauge and a tank heating system are provided. The Blowdown Vessel complies with HSE Guidance Note PM60 and is manufactured to PD5500. CAT.3. It is issued with construction certification acceptable to the statutory bodies and is built to a design pressure of 5 bar.g. The vessel is complete with all the necessary inlets and outlets i.e. vent, overflow, water cooling, blowdown inlet, drain and pressure gauge test point, plus inspection access  and is finished painted black.


Blowdown Vessels

Designed to accept the contaminants from a boiler which in turn prevents the build-up of solids in the bottom of the boiler.

Flash steam is vented to atmosphere and the condensed water overflows to drain.

Robust construction of vessel provides long service ability.

The Blowdown Vessel complies with HSE (Health and Safety Executive) Guidance Note PM60 and the SAFed (Safety Assessment Federation) document BGO3.

Manufactured to PD5500 Category 3, is issued with construction certification and is acceptable to all statutory bodies.


Stainless Steel Feed and Condensate Tanks

Maintenance costs are virtually eliminated thanks to the superior design and durable construction of our stainless steel feed and condensate tanks. A steam cushion insulates the raw water make-up section from the condense section giving the effect of pre-warming the cold make-up water via the hot returning condensate, which further enhances plant efficiency.


Chemical Dosing and Filters

Pre-treating boiler feedwater to remove or modify impurities is critical for the longevity and efficiency of steam boilers. CFB Boilers’ high quality Chemical Dosing units dose chemicals straight into the condensate return/feed water tank or the boiler feed water line, while our filters are designed to remove solid particles and reduce contamination to improve the quality of the end product.


Simplex Water Softener

Suited to consistent demand applications of moderate total water consumption, the Simplex Water Softener can be programmed manually or automatically for regeneration to occur during low water usage periods. Cost effective, the units provide many years of reliable service with minimal maintenance, and are ideal for use in the laundry, hotel and restaurant industries.


Mini Duplex Water Softener

For maximum performance and efficiency, the Mini Duplex Water Softener cannot be beaten; this innovative unit is kinetically powered by moving water rather than electricity, and features a patented twin-tank design, which guarantees an uninterrupted supply of soft water, 24/7. The result is a compact, cost-saving, and convenient solution to boiler and appliance protection.

Finance Available

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Boiler Hire

There are many reasons for requiring a hire boiler. Maybe An existing boiler plant has broken down? A short-term gap between the removal of your old boiler and installation of your new one? Planning a long-term need for extra capacity? Trialling the development of a new product that requires steam or hot water?

Whatever the reason you may need to hire a commercial boilers, or an entire packaged plant, we are the experts to turn to and here’s why:
There are no hidden extras – you will know exactly how much your boiler hire will be, allowing you to carefully manage your budget.

Quick and easy hook up: our industrial boiler hire units include everything required for the boiler to be up and running immediately

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System Design

Our Design Service specialises in creating Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models. Our highly-trained draftsmen work with engineers, site operatives and customers to design and create 2D and 3D computer models of Boilers, Ancillary Equipment, Layouts of Boiler houses, Plant rooms, Piping Schematics, Wiring Diagrams and much more.

Working to ensure that your chosen equipment will fit into the required space and providing you with full technical information regarding all aspects of your boiler and ancillary equipment.

We also ensure that the equipment provided meets specification criteria and local regulations including Clean Air Act, Medium Combustion Plant Directive, BG01 and more.

  • Bespoke solutions. Our huge range of products and purpose-built manufacturing facility allows us to design and manufacture boiler solutions to meet your precise needs. Book a site survey now and get started.
  • Flexible approach. We’re here to help. We’ll work with you at any stage of the project, and are happy to liaise with building service engineers, gas suppliers and architects to achieve the most efficient installation.
  • Try before you buy. As well as boiler hire, we can arrange for you to visit a similar installation in-situ so you can see what you’ll be getting and meet our other happy customers
  • Clear proposals. After a site visit (if necessary), we’ll provide you with a detailed, clear proposal that includes technical, performance and financial information. If applicable, we will include cost and energy saving projections.
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System Installation

We know that a seamless installation is vital to business continuity and efficiency, and your needs are our main priority. This is why our installation service is second to none:

  • Flexible approach: We install at a time that’s best for your business, whether that’s during normal working hours (with a short, planned shutdown if necessary), or at off-peak times such as weekends
  • Experienced team: Our engineer, design and sales teams benefit from CFB Boilers’ 126 years’ experience in manufacturing and installing steam boiler solutions. You can benefit from this experience too.
  • We love a challenge: Difficult location? Restricted access? Tiny space? No challenge is too big for our highly experienced team as we’ve installed steam boilers everywhere, from tin mines to old cupboards
  • Comprehensive service: Our complete range of steam boilers means that we have systems available to suit most applications, which combined with our technical expertise, gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to system installation.
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Maintenance & Service Contracts

Achieving maximum longevity, performance and efficiency out of your steam boiler system, and eliminating premature repairs and breakdown, is easily and cost-effectively achieved with our planned preventative maintenance services. We also provide service contracts with a minimum 1 yearly contract as it is required by law that your steam boiler must have a yearly inspection.


  • Free boiler clean: As part of a standard service, we will strip your boiler down and give it a thorough clean. This is not standard practice in the industry – we go above and beyond in ensuring the long-term performance and reliability of your boiler
  • Fixed price service: We offer fixed rate servicing to give you peace of mind and complete cost control
  • No unexpected costs: If any additional work is required, we will always conduct a site visit in order to provide an accurate quotation with us there are no hidden or unexpected costs
  • Flexible packages: We will tailor a maintenance package to you so that you get the most efficiency and cost-effective service possible
  • Convenient and efficient: It is our aim that your business can continue to run without disruption, so any work carried out will be completed in the most efficient way possible by our expert team of engineers
  • Complete peace of mind: Many of our customers choose to retain us on a contract basis, ensuring that standard maintenance and repairs are fully managed.
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Long-term performance and reliability are built into the very fabric of our boilers, which are designed and engineered to the highest standards. On very rare occasions, or with some older boilers (some of our boilers installed in the 1950s are still going strong!), repair may be required. If it is, you can count on us for a stand-out service:


  • Expert response: If a customer calls to report an issue, 99% of the time we can connect them to a trained engineer who may be able to diagnose and even help fix the problem over the telephone
  • Fixed rate repair: If an on-site inspection is necessary, we offer a fixed rate repair service that ensures that the boiler is up and running quickly and within budget
  • 24 hour repair time: Contract customers benefit from priority status when it comes to operational problem solving and repairs – we will always aim to start the process of repair, or resolve the problem, within 24 hours
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Our courses cover all aspects of boiler management which can be taken at your site or at our purpose built workshop here in Essex. We provide users with comprehensive training on their system and ensure they are completely confident to operate it and we are always on hand with any after care advice that’s needed.

Upon completion of course, all candidates will be awarded a certificate in boiler house training.

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Chemical de-scales

If your boiler is in need of de-scaling, we offer acid washes.

This is a two-day process that involves circulating the vessel with acid on day 1 and it’s then left overnight. On day 2 more circulation, checks will be made to ensure the acid has done its job, depending on what kind of scale you have, nearly 9 out of 10 times you are left with a pristine boiler shell.


Common Contributing factors to scale build up:

  • In sufficient Water treatment
  • No salt in the brine tank
  • Incorrect blow down procedures (i.e., not blowing down at all)
  • Hard water (area you live in)



Your insurance inspector will check for scale on his inspection. If failed, he will ask you to give it an acid clean.


What will happen

Scale build up on internal pressure side of your boiler can cause adverse problems to the vessel
Cracks can be caused on the boiler shell as a direct result of scale build up.
1mm of scale depreciates your boilers efficiency by 10%

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