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CFB Boilers’ innovative steam, electric and hot water boilers are perfect for meeting the precise heat requirements for a range of laundry processing applications, including jacketed washing machines, Rotary Ironers, presses and cabinets, curtain machines,  steam still and recovery units on dry cleaning machines.

Whether it’s a wedding dress, leather clothing, a suit or any other garments that require steam processing, they all require steam for several different functions.

While steam aids within the laundry processing industry, the length of your time needed for the boiler to warmup and cooldown, can result in lower energy efficiency and increased fuel costs.
If choosing one of our landmark 4VT range of steam boilers, the distinctive design offers clients the ability to start producing steam from a cool start up and can be in full production in under 30 mins (boiler full pressure in 15 mins).

To meet the strain faced by laundry processing facilities, your choice of boiler can have a large impact during a company’s productivity, effectiveness of production process, whilst being energy efficient and fuel saving also.

Whether you are running on gas, LPG, oil or propane, here at CFB Boilers LTD, we can supply all of your demands.

What we did for Canonbury Dry Cleaners in Islington

The Slim Jim 10 HP  steam boiler is the boiler of choice for several dry cleaners, thanks to its small sleek frame which easily fits through a standard doorway.

Alongside being easy to install, to ensure maximum productivity and so too profits, laundries and dry cleaners need a boiler that will reliably and powerfully fulfil its role as  the heart of the business. Our 4VT range of boilers, provide significant energy savings, are low maintenance and have an impressive start-up time of 10-15 minutes.

This speed in reaching full pressure is crucial for maximising working hours and thus money-making potential for any laundry or dry cleaning business. “I just  arrive in the morning and begin working. This is what the Slim Jim enables me to do, there’s no waiting around for an hour, I can just start work almost right away.”

“Now if a customer comes in first thing, I can get to work immediately“, explains Mr Malik, owner of Canonbury Dry Cleaners in Islington. “We also decided on the Slim Jim because it’s really compact. We’ve got limited small space and every one of our doors are narrow, but installing the boiler was no problem for CFB’s engineers.”

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