4VT Steam Boiler Offers Breweries Four Times the Benefits

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From energy efficiency and faster production cycles to cost savings and low maintenance, the 4VT Steam Boiler from CFB Boilers delivers a wealth of financial and operational benefits to breweries. In fact, when it comes to boiling wort efficiently and effectively, the 4VT Steam Boiler, which is manufactured in the UK by the 124-year-old steam specialist, arguably beats all other common solutions hands down.

For breweries with steam-heated jacketed vessels, the 4VT offers a distinct energy efficiency advantage over other vertical boilers in its class thanks to its four-pass technology. Unlike other brands’ two or three-pass designs, four-pass technology means that combustion gasses pass generated heat over water heating surfaces four times, maximising the opportunity for heat transfer. The result is exceptional efficiency and low exit flue temperature.

Another impressive feature of the 4VT is its steam chamber, which is approximately 30 per cent larger than most other vertical steam boilers. This not only ensures that the boiler can more efficiently fulfil variable steam load requirements, dealing effectively with peaks and troughs, but virtually eliminates boiler priming by preventing excessive moisture being carried over in the steam. Reducing moisture levels in the steam that’s produced both extends the life of a boiler and reduces the need for frequent descaling.

In addition to lower running costs, the 4VT delivers exemplary longevity; the boiler doesn’t suffer from problems that have been known to affect other makes after only a few years’ operation, such as the shell failing at the bottom of the cylinder.

Offering an impressive start up time of just 10-15 minutes, the 4VT reaches full pressure faster than many similar boilers. This maximises production hours and enables jacketed steam-fired vessels to reach the required temperature as quickly as possible.

Reduces Energy Wastage and Saves Money Through Efficiency

Boiling wort requires a lot of energy, and it is wasteful for this energy (from a stand-alone gas burner) to escape into the atmosphere; sadly, this is common with conventional vessels with integral coils, which lose heat energy via the flue. In comparison, the 4VT has a condensate line that returns condensate back to the boiler feed water tank at a temperature of around 70-90oC. This heat recovery function means that the water takes less energy and time to heat, which is a valuable feature for breweries that manufacture multiple beers, where the time it takes for a steam-jacketed vessel to complete a cycle needs to be as short as possible.

Compared with vessels using electric elements, the 4VT wins on cost-efficiency every time; since electric is almost five times more expensive than natural gas. Where gas is not available, breweries can still make significant savings by switching from electric-powered units to a 4VT Steam Boiler running on LPG or oil.

With regard to maintenance, the 4VT’s intelligent design ensures that servicing is simple and kept to a minimum. For example, both the internal shell and flue ways can be easily inspected and cleaned around their complete circumference, while the central air inlet limits dust or moisture intake.

The output of the 4VT range of vertical steam boilers extends from 156kg of steam per hour (10 HP) right the way through to 2,000kg/hr (130hp) and from 2,000kg to 55,000kg on CFB Boilers horizontal range of Bosch boilers, so steam output requirements can be closely matched in all breweries. CFB Boilers manufactures each 4VT at its purpose built facility in Essex, putting over one century’s worth of expertise into each boiler. The company offers a complete design, installation and maintenance service to breweries across the UK.

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