Budget reverse osmosis unit cleans up steam production

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Steam boiler manufacturer, CFB Boilers, has launched a budget-friendly reverse osmosis unit, the Boiler-RO, which is capable of achieving almost 100% purity of boiler feedwater for superior quality steam.
The Boiler-RO costs around half that of many comparable units, making reverse osmosis accessible to steam boiler users that may previously have found the technology to be too costly…
This market game-changer is suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, including those within the medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

Reverse osmosis offers significant performance advantages over scale devices and water treatment methods and works by passing pressurised feedwater through special semi-permeable membranes.
The pores in the membranes are so fine that 99% of inorganic ions and dissolved organic contaminants are prevented from passing through; instead, only water molecules can pass downstream. The results include efficient boiler running capacity due to the optimisation of boiler TDS, and energy savings from less frequent boiler blowdowns.

Further benefits of the Boiler-RO include superior water taste and clarity, spot-free rinses, and reduced scale.
Construction-wise, the Boiler-RO boasts several features usually only associated with high-end units, such as a stainless-steel chassis, three-membrane housing, high pressure pump, and high-performance Polyamide 8040 membrane.
A compact, vertical design means that it is easy to site, even in awkward locations.
The Boiler-RO has an estimated production (with public water supply) of 5,000 – 20,000 L / h.

Poor quality water can do a lot of damage to steam boilers, reducing component longevity and increasing maintenance costs, repair costs and downtime.
Reverse osmosis can drastically improve water quality – and therefore steam quality – but most units on the market are expensive. Many clients would like one but lack the budget.

We’ve been manufacturing steam boilers and ancillaries for over 124 years, and have used our expertise to incorporate a reverse osmosis unit into our equipment supply that rivals some of the market’s best in terms of performance, but that is budget-friendly.
We’re very proud of the Boiler-RO and delighted that it has already been so well received”, said Alex Parish, Managing Director of CFB Boilers.

For more information on the BoilerRO please call CFB Boilers on 01255 224500.

Reverse Osmosis and the alcohol-free process

Reverse osmosis is used in standard wine and beer making either to concentrate flavours or manipulate levels of alcohol by removing water.

Reverse osmosis involves using high pressure to force the alcohol through a membrane.

For alcohol free beer, the membrane captures larger molecules – including those that contain the beer’s flavour – but allows smaller molecules including water and alcohol to pass through.

The water and alcohol are then separated, for example by steam distillation, with the removed water added back to the concentrated beer. This leaves a concentrated version of the beer.

The reverse osmosis process for alcohol free wine, removes the phenolic compounds responsible for aroma and flavour before distillation. These are then returned to the filtered wine later.

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