CFB Boilers Celebrates Innovation Award Win

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Steam boiler specialist, CFB Boilers, has won a prominent innovation award in recognition of its work in changing and shaping the steam boiler and ancillary heating equipment landscape. The Essex-based manufacturer picked up the Tendring Blue Ribbon 2017 Award for Innovation in Design & Technology, fighting off staunch competition in a category that was open to all industries. CFB Boilers’ application, which effectively demonstrated product or service innovation that has led to commercial success, was submitted anonymously by another company – that which still remains a mystery to CFB Boilers.

Commitment to innovation isn’t new to CFB Boilers; the company has been developing ground-breaking products and services since its inception over 124 years ago. Its flagship series 4VT Steam Boiler, for example, remains class-leading in several areas, such as energy-saving, start-up time and steam quality, despite having been developed by the company decades ago.

CFB Boilers’ most recent innovation, a reverse osmosis unit named Boiler-RO, has been manufactured to deliver a similar performance to other leading options on the market, but at around 50% of the cost; making the technology accessible to a much wider base of customers, many of whom were not able to access it previously due to budgetary restrictions.

Additionally, the company is constantly enhancing its service capabilities to promote a superior customer experience, and many of its pioneering initiatives have redefined industry norms and standards. It is the company’s products and services which, as well as proving extremely popular with customers, have contributed to CFB Boilers’ continued growth. In the past three years alone, the company has more than doubled its revenue.

This award is a reflection of our dedication to innovation in design and technology, as well as customer service. Every member of the team actively works towards providing the best possible service to our customers; a culture that we have worked hard to promote for years. Everyone here is really proud of this achievement, which really came out of the blue, and we’re especially pleased that another company would go to the trouble of nominating us for the award.

“We’d like to thank all of our customers for their support”, said Alex Parish, one of the managing directors of CFB Boilers.

“Since winning the award, CFB Boilers has decided to encourage other innovating companies by providing sponsorship funding to the awards. It’s made a big difference to our team, and we’d like to extend that sense of pride to other firms by supporting these awards.”


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