Eco Friendly

Over 128 years of
Great British

CFB Boilers Ltd are continually striving to increase the Energy Efficiency & Eco friendliness of their products by where possible using:

  • Fitting firing units that incorporate the most up to date market leading digital combustion controls with O2 trim
  • Achieving the best possible turn down ratios to improve boiler flexibilities
  • Fitting of Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) systems to increase the overall boiler efficiency
  • Using the latest insulation techniques & materials installed at their optimum thickness
  • Fitting the most up to date control panels some with Touch Screen Boiler Controls & Boiler Sequence Controls
  • Options for auto start-up & shut down facilities/systems using motorised steam stop valves
  • Accurate control of the quality of the boiler feedwater, its temperature & chemical make-up
  • Minimisation of the amount of water blowdown to drain
  • Options on firing units that are able to combust bio-fuels as an option to fossil fuels
  • Fitting variable speed drive motors where made economical by the motor size
  • Fitting integral flue gas economisers to save fuel & to avoid putting useable energy into the environment
  • Continuing to monitor & comply with the National & International commitments on Climate Change

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