Series 4VT Boiler

Over 128 years of
Great British

Our Series 4VT Boiler has undergone a small change with the intention of saving materials. The Automatic TDS System used to be positioned on the right hand side of the boiler and travel towards the back which meant operatives needing to walk around the side of the boiler for access, service and maintenance.

Now we have amended the position to put the system at the front of the boiler whereby operatives can stand in front of the boiler and everything is within easy reach.

This also means that less copper piping is used for the gauge glass blowdown. The copper pipe used to travel all the way around the boiler and into the TDS Blowdown System towards the back of the boiler. Now all it has to do is travel down from the gauge glass remaining at the front of the boiler and entering the TDS Blowdown unit.

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