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Our steam boilers provide energy efficient steam and hot water for a wide range of applications throughout many different businesses on time, every time.

The industries that use steam are varied and unique and range from dry cleaning to special FX, National Trust steam engine driven processes, to fine art, education, food processing and manufacturing.

Other sectors include the leisure, textiles and laundry services; nuclear power plants, plastic bottling and paper manufacturing right through to ceramics and building materials.

Steam is a vital medium for a huge array of industries and continues to grow year on year.

From steam boilers to ancillaries, packaged skid units to fully operational plant rooms; supply only to complete on site installations; CFB Boilers will turn your design ideas into reality.

What we did for Oldham Seals

Oldham Seals in Chichester are a specialist high pressure rubber pipe and seal manufacturer for the Naval industry,

We supplied their first steam boiler in 1995 a 20 HP complete with all ancillaries, their production then required a second 20 HP boiler to match their production in 1999, Both boilers were then changed when the customer moved to a larger premises in 2017, we then supplied them a 30 HP and a 60 HP with new tank sets etc, to supply the Autoclaves with steam, the customer has always had a service contract with our company, which in turn keeps the boilers running at full capacity for the production line.

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