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From plastics and paper manufacturing to cosmetics production to printing, whether its labels for bottles or producing plastic bags, Steam is fundamental to many critical processes.
With our comprehensive product range, technical expertise and customisable solutions, we will make certain that you get the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution on the market.
With over 126 years of experience we ensure no matter what process industry you are in, we can meet your requirements and we don’t compromise on quality. Our products and solutions are designed to last, ensuring high performance, and efficiency as standard and we are proud to manufacture all of our vertical boilers here at our factories in Essex.

What we did for Radnor Hills

We first supplied William Watkins, the Managing Director of Radnor hills the first boiler which was an 8 HP 128 kg/hr in the year 1999, since then he has now expanded to three boilers, an 80 HP – 1270 kg/hr, a 100 HP – 1588 kg/hr and a ULS 2600 – 2600 kg/hr, Due to the latest expansion of his business we are proud to be supplying the first of two boiler houses this Spring, complete with our ULS 6000 – 6000 kg/hr boilers with all the top of the range ancillary equipment and fully automated.

The boilers are used for various applications from shrinking labels for sleeving on the glass bottles and injection moulding on plastic bottles.

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